Common toddler problems and how to deal with them

Toddlers can be tricky. As a parent you’ve probably heard of the ‘terrible twos’ and the ‘threenager’. While this is a normal part of growing up for little ones, it can be exasperating for mums and dads! The good news is, this behaviour is (usually) temporary and will gradually reduce and disappear.

toddlers crying

As a parent, there are ways you can try to manage this behaviour in toddlers and look forward to the day when it may be completely gone.

Screaming is one of the things you may encounter. Your little person is a huge bundle of energy and has probably just discovered how loud their voice can get! At this stage, they don’t know that this isn’t a good thing, so when they come running to you screaming from wherever they are, it doesn’t always mean they’re angry. You need to judge each situation on its own merits.

While you may have had an angelic toddler, at the age of two or three they may start showing signs of aggression by kicking and biting anything in their range. There’s a high chance they’re doing this to attract your attention, so the key is to not respond every time (as hard as it may be) otherwise it could turn into a habit. As with most other habits, this one should fade away in time.

Tantrums are another thing you’ll have the ‘pleasure’ of as a parent, and they can be rough. While it can be immensely frustrating, try to remember your toddler is being exposed to a wide range of emotions at this age and can’t always express themselves or understand the things you’re saying to them. Crying, screaming, feet stamping and throwing things are common when a toddler’s having a tantrum. Although it’s often easier said than done, try to keep your cool – shouting back and getting angry can make the situation worse. Get down to their level when you talk to them and try different techniques for calming them down – whether it be holding their hands, giving them a cuddle, picking them up or trying to distract them.