Top Brain Boosting Foods for Kids

If the eat-your-greens mantra is wearing thin at home, try mixing it up with these (delicious) nutritional powerhouse options—proven to boost brain development, concentration and memory.

Bowl of fresh blueberries


Most berries are packed with immune-boosting Vitamin C; the vitamin is also responsible for improving blood flow to the brain. Add a handful of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries into your little one’s breakfast, or blitz into a yummy smoothie with frozen banana.


Choline, the little-known nutrient in eggs, has been shown to help memory performance. Make eggy soldiers, or a simple banana ‘n’ egg pancake for brekkie. Choline is also found in soy beans and milk.

Protein-rich food

Protein-packed foods—like meat and nuts—contain amino acids which are used to make neurotransmitters; the chemicals essential for neural (brain cell) activity. Whip up a spag bol with grass-fed, organic beef mince, or offer a bag of nuts as a snack.

Leafy green vegetables

So they had to make the list somewhere…greens are loaded with the nutrient lutein, which is linked to increased brain health. If leafy veg isn’t on your kiddo’s list of faves, keep trying (and make sure they’re seasoned enough), but also go stealth; add blitzed greens to pasta sauces and even smoothies.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is like the good twin; delicious, yes, but also not overly sweet, plus full of flavonoids—shown to boost memory and reaction time. Offer little tidbits with a clear conscience.


Mix up meat dishes with fish—or swop out ham for salmon on your tot’s sarnies. Oily fish in particular is a prime source of omega 3 fatty acids, key for optimal brain development, and linked specifically to higher IQ.

Via netmums