Top ten regrets of parents

‘Shoulda woulda coulda’ – oh that dreaded word: regret. *Cringe*. We all have it – especially parents!

So often I made a decision with regards to my daughters and immediately regret it. Other times… I suddenly realise that I haven’t done something that I should have or wanted to.

My daughters are barely out of nappies and I know that my top regret is not recording down a list of firsts – I always start off gusto and the Life just gets the better of me. According to a new survey by, 32% of us are in agreement.

Here’s a list the top ten regrets of parents polled in the survey:

1.  Wish I’d taken more photos of baby- 63%

2. Wish I’d not given baby a dummy- 58%

3. Wish I’d moved baby into separate room sooner- 51%

regrets of parents

4. Wish I’d recorded more videos of baby- 49%

5. Wish I’d breastfed- 45%

6. Wish I’d not succumbed to cries so easily- 42%

7. Wish I’d not let my baby sleep in same bed as me- 37%

8. Wish I’d not rewarded good behaviour with junk food- 36%

9. Wish I’d kept track of ‘firsts’ i.e. first word, first steps- 32%

10. Wish I’d socialised my baby more- 29%

There ya have it – all the things we’d change if we could do it over. That said: regret is not something that should be dwelled on – for the sake of sanity.

What is your top regret as a parent?