Top Ten Things Babies DON’T Need You to Buy

Babies may be small, but, they come with an extensive list of nitpicky requirements. Still; there’s plenty stuff they really don’t need — no matter how cute some of the paraphernalia out there is (sorry, baby shoes).

Top Ten Things Babies DON'T Need You to Buy helps separate the must-haves from the unnecessaries with a handy list of what not to buy for babs:

1. Wipe warmers

This is about convenience over necessity; warm water and cotton wool really does work just as well. You simply have to put in an ounce of extra effort to turn on a tap – which, admittedly, can feel like a Herculean task when you haven’t slept more than two consecutive hours. In short, if you’ve got cash to splash, use the wipe warmers. Otherwise; invest in caffeine. Bulk caffeine.

2. Top and tail bowl

Designed so you don’t get confused and clean baby’s upper half with water that’s been used to wash their tail end, the top and tail bowl is practical, but totally non-essential. Just start at the top and end at the bottom, using the standard sink option or baby bath. It’s that simple.

3. Nappy disposal bin

These bins work wonders in preventing any pongy odours from escaping nappies and taking up residence in your breathing space. However, the cartridges required to keep this magic gadget going are pricey. And little ones can go through 7-10 nappies. A day. The mathematics are not in your financial favour. Just tie up the nuclear waste in nappy sacks and dispose of pronto. You’ll get used to all variety of smells soon enough.

4. Car charging bottle warmer

Some tots like their milk warm, others can’t be bothered. You’ll only find out your bundle’s preference once they’ve made their grand entrance – so don’t go spending yet on a gizmo you may never use. In any case, car-charging bottle warmers take so long to work you’d be better off using a (way cheaper) insulated bottle caddy.

5. Fabric sling

I take issue with this addition to the list. Yes; fabric slings have a learning curve, and babies are not exactly patient while you figure out how to fold ‘n’ wrap them like angry lil’ burritos. But, once you get it right, you’ll realise – and so will baby – how much cosier and comfier slings are as opposed to ready-assembled carriers. The snuggles (and adorable photo-ops) alone are worth it.

6. Loads of newborn clothes

The average baby in the UK weighs 7lb 8oz at birth and after a common initial weight loss, puts on around 1oz a day. That means they reach 9lb, the size at which they grow out of newborn clothes, in around 3 weeks. To put it plainly: Buy a spread of sizes – your precious will be too big to fit into those teensy sleepsuits before you’ve even had a chance to unwrap them.

7. Cot bumper sets

Experts don’t recommend them, because it’s possible for babies to get tangled up in the fastenings, or overheat. Safety first.

8. Baby knee pads

It may look painful, but crawling across hard surfaces is not the same for our critters as it is for us; their soft, squishy knees are well-equipped for most terrain and topography. Knee-pads are for rollerbladers.

9. Baby shoes

Sadly, babies don’t need baby shoes. You may really, really want them, but before walking starts, mini footwear will only end up as another cool (expensive) plaything for your little one to pull off and chew on.

10. Pee-pee teepee

Say what? A pee-pee teepee, aka the willy wigwam, is a nifty invention that catches the inevitable sprinkle when boys’ bits are exposed to the fresh air during nappy changes. If you haven’t ever heard of this…accessory until now, it’s probably reasonable proof that you don’t need it.