Visit the UK’s largest water park for a fun family day out!

Summer has eventually decided to rear is elusive head this 2012 – thank goodness – and it’s time to take the whole family swimming.

The pool at your local leisure centre would provide a fun morning or afternoon out but if you’re looking for something a little more extreme, how about a water park?

UK’s largest water park

Wet ‘N Wild is UK’s largest water park.  It’s open all through the summer and a vast array of water rides (for both young and old) promise a fun day out. You pay once and rides are ‘free’ all day.

The park hosts an amusement machine, parking facilities and all day lockers (for a cost of 30p with a £2 deposit).

To ride on the Kamikaze – the UK’s fastest water ride (think 80ft vertical flume) – and the Hurricane, Cyclone and Black Hole, you’ll have to venture up north to Newcastle on Tyne – North Shields, North Tyneside.

If this is not your stomping ground, why not book a long weekend and make a trip of it?

Visit for more info. And start planning your family day out!