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What Am I Having? 6 Guessing Games (To Keep You Guessing)

So it’s too early to tell if it’ll be a boy or girl…why not indulge in an old wive’s tale or two to pass the time? (After all, there’s 50/50 chance you’ll get the right answer).

High or low?

If your bump hangs low, and protrudes front and centre, you’re likely to birth a boy. A higher bump, with the bulk evident everywhere (nice), means a girl is in store. Both are utterly untrue, but that doesn’t stop grandma, and the stranger in the shop, from espousing it.

The wedding ring test

Take a guess which era this myth hails from—presuming every woman with child to be secured in wedlock. According to this Victorian folklore, of you tie a piece of string to your wedding ring and hover it over your belly, a side-to-side pendulum equals girl, while a circular swing means boy.

Morning sickness

The morning sickness theory dictates that nausea in the early stages of pregnancy is caused by a girl brewing, while later sickness is down to a boy. So…what does that mean for those who feel grotty throughout their pregnancy?

The Chinese method

A centuries’ old myth that continues to hold sway today, this method determines sex using the mother’s lunar age at the time of conception.

The skull theory

Male and female skulls do have slight differences—so this theory works backwards from that fact, presuming you can spot the cranial gender typifiers in an ultrasound. Boys are thought to have larger foreheads and square jaws, whereas girls’ heads are a little pointier, with a softer jawline. The truth is that these differences only begin to manifest closer to puberty.

Pick a side 

Known as the fork/spoon test, this bit of craziness requires someone to hide a fork under one chair and a spoon under another. Then the mum-to-be must pick a chair. Fork predicts boy, spoon predicts a girl.

Via babylondon.