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What Not to Buy When Preparing For a Baby

It can be easy to become overwhelmed about baby equipment. Especially if you read articles online or in magazines about all the must-have baby things, or the latest trends in baby items. Most of the items that turn up on these kind of lists aren’t actually necessary, and can be very expensive. You need to know what not to buy when preparing for a baby, and what purchases you can put off until later.


what not to buy when preparing for a baby


Things You Don’t Need


A Bigger Car

Unless you’re speeding around in a glorious little two seater, you probably won’t need a bigger car. Yes, children need things, items, belongings and equipment, but it’s very unlikely that you’ll need so much stuff that you need to upgrade your car.


Advanced Nappy Bin

These days you can get nappy bins that are all-singing and all dancing. They can do all sorts of weird and wonderful things, and they’re almost completely unnecessary. A regular nappy bin, bathroom bin, or other container will do just fine.


Bottle Warmer

Honestly, you probably won’t need a bottle-warmer. They don’t heat a bottle up any better than standing it in a bowl of warm water. The only time a bottle warmer may be helpful, but still not strictly necessary is if you get a travel bottle warmer.


Changing Table

A changing table can be helpful, and ease the stress on your back, but it isn’t a necessity. A changing mat on the floor works just as well.


Overly Complicated Clothes

Baby clothes are so cute, and it’s really easy to get carried away when you’re buying your baby’s first wardrobe. However, you should avoid overly complicated clothes with too many buttons, zippers and snappers. It will just make it much more difficult to change nappies.


A Huge Pram

You will need a pram, but you also need a pram that you can use. A huge pram that won’t fit in the boot of your car is no use to anyone. Before you start looking at prams, check the measurements of your boot, so that you can be sure the pram you choose will actually fit in your car.


Bath, Bath Seat, Bathing Bowls

You will need one of these things, but you won’t need all of them. Choose which one will work best for you. If you’re tight on space, then you may want to go for a bath seat over a baby bath. If your bathroom only has a shower, then you’ll need a baby bath.



Things You Don’t Need Right Now


Activity Mat

Activity mats and baby gyms are wonderful ways of encouraging your baby during tummy time. They’re not necessary for your newborn. They’re not strictly necessary at all, as you can always put a duvet on the ground, place some of your little ones favourite stuffed toys, and mirrors around them, and engage with your baby.


High Chair

A high chair isn’t going to be needed for quite some time, so you won’t need this right now. It’s better to take your time on this purchase, and do lots of research so you can find one that will suit your baby.


Bouncer Chair

Bouncer chairs are a convenient way of keeping your baby entertained while you get things done. However, you probably won’t want to put a newborn into one, so you can hold off on making this purchase until your baby is a little older.