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What to do about kids’ chapped lips this winter

My poor nearly-four-year-old looks like she has a third lip emerging under her bottom lip, and her top lip is dry and chapped and so sore-looking.

(And she had her first school photo the other day. – But beyond the superficial, it’s sore.)


She just can’t stop licking… I know it’s because the cold winter air that is making her poor lips feel dryer than dry.

But how can I help?

I have showed my child her third lip in the mirror so she has a visual concept of what she is doing when she repeatedly licks, and she didn’t like it but it seems to have made only a short-lasting impression. So, vanity’s out. I try to remind her (gently) not to lick her lips when I see her doing it but it has become a habit and it seems that the more I draw attention to it, the more she is reminded to do it.

There are however some practical things that you can do to help. Here’s what to do about kids’ chapped lips this winter:

1. Drink water – if the skin is moisturised from the inside, it should help with the dry skin issue. My daughter definitely drinks less water in winter (than she does in summer) so I give her Redbush tea (which she loves) to try and up her liquid intake.

2. Use lip balm – if you feel that your child is responsible enough, get him/her a lip balm to use in place of licking. Also use sleep time as a chance to lube those lips. A lip balm void of flavour is a good idea – not sure about other children but my daughter eats lip balm (like from the tube) and so I know that if it tastes sweet, she’ll just lick it off anyway, which is beside the point.

3. Face cover – if you’re outside try and get your little one to cover his mouth – with a scarf perhaps – so that some of the cold air is kept of the lips and face.

And if you’re really worried, consult your doctor.

Do you have any chapped lip tips to share?