Which colours for boys?

Blue is for boys, pink is for girls. And I guess that yellow and green are neutral?


Is it just me or are other mums tired of peaches and pastels for babies?

Okay… so did you know that you can ‘own a colour’? Yup, it’s true (roll with me here, I have a point). Thousands of Brits have taken part in the new global Own A Colour fundraising initiative aimed at raising crucial funds for UNICEF (the world’s leading children’s organisation).

Which, of course, is all very nice. But what is really interesting is what the twist on gender stereotypes revealed by the campaign.

Men are turning tradition on its head by ditching blue shades in favour of red hues. And yellow and green were the least favoured colours…FYI.

Granted – red is still pretty masculine but then again, think red rose, little red dress, red lipstick… feminine as well I think. It seems that the indoctrination our babies in the art of gender stereotyping is not working all that well. Yay!

Not to hate on blue and pink – I love both colours, and I probably would not dress my hypothetical baby boy in pastel pink… but hot pink, that’s another story!