Month: February 2011

Five Fashion tips for 2011

Although the Autumn/Winter fashion season is still running its course, the New Year has brought with it some new trends. Here are five styles to watch out for: I can finally say that my gunmetal grey metallic Dr Martins are finally in fashion. I plan to wear as many kitsch Metallic Colours as I can – […]


Victoria Beckham sun tips

In a recent interview with In Style magazine, Victoria Beckham set the record straight: hubby David did not buy a tanning booth for the couple’s house. Victoria says she has “embraced whiteness” and finds it strange that she looks orange in some photographs as she has not used tanning products for a long time. Believe […]


The perfect umbrella for your handbag

England is full of rain – summer or winter – and owning an umbrella is essential for daily hair maintenance, not getting drenched… and all round fashion survival. Now, the size of a woman’s bag defines the size of her umbrella. As for me, I have a bag addiction and need an umbrella to fit […]