Month: March 2011

Avoid washing hair with Dry Shampoo

How many times have you woken up late and wished you could wash your hair quickly without having the ordeal of another 20 minutes spent drying it? Ever since my friends and I started rubbing talcum powder in our hair as a way to avoid washing it in the shower after double PE, I’ve been […]


Weight Watchers update – new Pro Points plan

Celebrity diets – who can keep up? From the high-fashion (Beyonce’s alleged maple syrup diet anyone?) to the low carb (Atkins, The Zone) and low GI (such as the South Beach Diet), rarely does a celeb diet work purely on the old adage of ‘calories in versus calories out’. From food-combining to metabolism-boosting, more often […]


Are you getting enough? (Water, that is)

Tired? Struggling to remember things? Lacking concentration? If you’re feeling a little lacklustre, but are otherwise healthy, you could be dehydrated. One way to tell is by looking at your urine, which should be pale yellow, or ‘straw-coloured’. If you see something that looks more like strong tea when you pass water, you are probably […]