Month: April 2013

Why social media is bad for you

With each and every passing day I grow increasingly aware of just how reliant on the internet I am. Not only is it essential to my job and my social life but I use it to maintain friendships – bad bad bad. I love Facebook. I’d say that the share-factor is both altruistic and narcissistic […]


The Kate Middleton effect – Brunette is back!

If you live in the world (which, as you may have realised, excludes no one) and haven’t heard of ‘the Kate Middleton effect’ you’ve been living under one seriously large rock. The phenomenon even has its own Wikipedia entry – for heaven’s sake! The lovely Duchess (and her accompanying fashion savvy) is responsible for a […]


New skincare app!

My meagre brain seems to suffer from information overload on a daily basis. We live in an age dominated by discovery, progression and consequently choice – lots of choice. And so I am always excited about anything that will de-saturate my brain a little by making choosing easier. When it comes to skin care and […]