Month: September 2013

We need to talk about Christmas 2013

It’s a fact – Christmas has hit the store shelves; there’s no use in pretending you don’t see it, and avoiding the ‘Christmas aisle’ does not mean that it’s not there. Before you know it, the decorations will be up and “O Come All Ye Faithful” will be playing as you do your grocery shopping. […]


Healthy and Anti-ageing smoothies

If your skin is feeling a little weathered after the summer sun, why not give it a treat from the inside with a series of anti-ageing smoothies. Danielle Collins, creator of the Face Yoga Method®, recommends various combinations of fruits and vegetables to give your skin a natural boost, as well as cleansing the internal […]


Do I need to wear sun cream in the car?

The lenses in my reactive glasses don’t work in the car, meaning that I have to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving, even though my normal glasses turn into sunglasses when I’m outside. For this reason, I’m sure you would forgive me for thinking that my skin is also protected from the sun’s […]