Month: November 2013

Fashion friendly bicycle helmet for stylish riders

I’m not a cyclist but I am the friend of cyclists a-plenty. And the story goes like this… One of my ultimate-fashionista-London-cycling-heel-wearing-while-peddling compadres (yes, I do have a few) refused to wear a bicycle helmet, despite my pleas, until one day she was knocked off her bicycle by a car and the only reason her […]


The key to a happy marriage? – Wives must keep their cool, says new research

New research by the University of California-Berkeley and Northwestern University, published in journal “Emotion”, says that key to long-term relationship satisfaction depends on the ability of women to regulate their emotions. The study found that the happiest relationships (both long and short term) were those in which women were able to calm down quicker in […]


Slimming secret! Consistent sleep times

The importance of sleep is no secret and usually research doesn’t need to enforce too intensively what logic already states. But a recent study has revealed something really interesting: that people who have regular sleep patterns also have a lower percentage of body fat. In other words, going to bed at the same time and […]