Month: March 2014

Why students need to be more eco-friendly

So, why do students need to be more eco-friendly? – The obvious answer is because they’re not. And everyone needs to do their bit to preserve the planet – right? According to a recent report by the National Union of Students (NUS), students are less likely to recycle than the general population – 54.8 per […]


A fun way to ditch exam stress

Students at Dundee University have come up with an awesome way to ditch exam stress – think bouncy castles, bubble wrap and cute puppies. No, seriously. (And don’t even try and pretend that these things don’t excite you!) Set to launch in April, the initiative will see a bouncy castle set up on campus for […]


Student Advantage Card – why you might want one

Students need discounts. It’s a fact! Living on a budget is tiring work and any help is much appreciated. Student Advantage Card is a national student discount card that claims to have ties to more local and national businesses than any other student discount card in the UK. Got your attention? The card offers discounts […]