Month: October 2015

Experts Reveal the Perfect Night Out!

When it comes to the perfect night out, a simple pint down the pub no longer cuts it (no matter how cheap!), according to new research commissioned by New Amsterdam Vodka. Right. So… …now that your Friday night post-lecture plans are completely ruined, you might want to know what will cut it – what exactly […]


How to Get What You Want For Christmas!

It’s Christmas time! – Woop Woop! OK, not quite Christmas but a little premature excitement never hurt anyone…uh – wait! You just remembered the it’s-only-cool-if-you’re-living-in-East-London-and-its-ten-times-too-big reindeer jumper you got for Christmas last year, didn’t you? And the glitter body lotion that made your skin peel – yikes! That’s right. Christmas is great – when you’re […]