Month: July 2016

Ten Top Student Apps for 2016

Where would the world be without apps? More importantly, where would a student be? Which is why has put together a list of the top 25 student apps of the moment, and here are 10 (the shortened version): – great for students who live by to-do lists. The app synchronises all tasks with other devices […]


Why Photos are More Important Than Our Phones

Get this! – A third of Brits say that their digital photos and videos are more important to them than their car, smartphone, credit card, wallet and laptop – according to new research by Pics more important than a smartphone…really? It’s true. And perhaps not that surprising when considering the fact that two thirds […]


Engineering Students Refute Hard Hat Stereotype

Are you a wannabe engineer? Got your hard hat ready? Just kidding. The whole ‘hard hats and engineers’ thing is a stereotype that engineering students are good and ready to get rid of – according to new research by Sainsbury Management Fellows’ 2016 Hard Hat Index. The SMF Index has revealed the resilience of the […]