Month: August 2016

Five Essential Skills for Social Workers

It’s well documented that the social care industry is facing a severe and widespread skills shortage but it is also a field where soft skills are key, which means people can easily move into social worker careers should they have the following traits (as per David Lord, a Team Leader at NonStop Care and a […]


Ten Top Harry Potter Quotes for Students

Today’s students have grown up with Harry Potter and love him or hate him; he’s influenced the thinking of a generation. In honour of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” (as well as the West End stage play), here are ten top quotes from Rowling’s wizard canon that are sure to insert a wry smile upon […]


The World’s Top Earning Authors for 2016

Any aspiring writers out there (toiling away in university news rooms in the hope of one day making it big with a smashing new novel that’ll be snapped up by Hollywood, leaving you rich forever)? Well – if you do make it, these are the kind of bucks you could be earning: Highest-earning writers in […]