Month: April 2017

Can A Long-Distance Relationship Last?

Can long-distance relationships last? Opinion is very much divided. Some people think that a relationship can only work if you’re living within a few miles of each other, others say that distance doesn’t matter if you love each other. Well, personal opinions aside, these are the 2016 statistics behind long-distance relationships in the U.S. […]


Men Can Wear Makeup Too!

One of the reasons that some people dislike feminism, is the belief that feminism aims to show that women are better than men. Wrongly. Feminism, as Emma Watson has been trying to make clear in many of her recent speeches on the subject, is about making sure that both men and women have equal rights […]


The Strange UK Laws That Still Exist

Britain’s legal system has taken centuries to reach the point it is at today. Over the years, various laws have been made, altered and done away with. Oliver Cromwell’s law that mince pies were not to be eaten on Christmas Day being one of the more well-known ones, and certainly a law that needed to […]