Month: November 2017

The Girl Index – Shocking Statistics

A non-profit organisation in the US called, Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX), have published the results of their first-of-its-kind, large scale, national survey of adolescent girls and how they feel about themselves and their futures. Called The Girls’ Index, some of the survey results are more than a bit worrying. […]


Feeling Low? Read This

Even the women who seem to ooze confidence from every pore get days where they feel insecure. If there’s any woman out there who really doesn’t have one single thing that she wishes she could change about herself, just from time to time when she’s feeling a bit low, then we are yet to meet […]


What Do Men Actually Notice?

According to the media, the things that men first pay attention to when they meet a woman are her bum, chest and legs. So many films, magazines and adverts imply that these are the things that a man will first think about when he meets a woman, any woman, regardless of age or the context […]