Month: June 2018

Cleaning Makeup Brushes with UV Light

Be honest, how many of us actually clean our makeup brushes on a weekly basis? We know we’re supposed to. We know it’s important to keep them clean so that we’re not wiping old oil and dirt back across our faces each morning, but, well, it’s just such an easy thing to forget to do. […]


Common CV Fibs

Have you ever, err, ‘embellished’ your CV? Maybe your CV says that you’re “highly skilled” in something which, to be completely honest, you’re not so much highly skilled in as just about able to remember the basics of. […]


Festival Makeup for 2018

Summer festival season is almost upon us! And what’s one of the great things about going to a festival? (There are many to choose from we know, but one of our favourites is getting to cut loose and express your inner free spirit.) […]