6 Easy ways to get fit

Easy ways to get fit? Yeah right….If this is how you think, you need to read our 6 easy ways to get fit. It can be done! A bit of positive mental attitude and taking advantage of any possible exercise makes all the difference.

1. Run, swim or hit the gym early so you only need to take one shower.

2. Make use of any facilities on offer at work: if there is an onsite gym, use it! Or if there is a shower you can use, run or cycle to work or at work, then shower at the office.

3. Join an exercise class to help with motivation: it offers the opportunity to go with a friend or meet new people, giving you an extra reason to keep turning up. Try to opt for a class that is straight after work so you can’t go home first – once you get home, you will struggle to find the motivation to go back out again.

Easy ways to get fit

4. Invest in a few good workout DVDs or fitness video games: it avoids the cost of ongoing gym memberships or class fees, and you can do it at home once the kids are in bed without needing to worry about childcare. You can even get the kids to join in, and set a good example for building exercise into their lives.

5. If you have a dog that needs walking, or a child in a pushchair, or even both, find a park or local walk with that is relatively flat and run with them instead of walking. You can get three-wheeled, all-terrain buggies quite cheaply if you buy second-hand, and they are perfect for running with. And long after the children have outgrown them, they serve as excellent trolleys for all you picnic gear!

6. If nothing else, at least make a start. You don’t have to commit to something for life – that can be enough to scare you off before you’ve even started. Instead, commit to taking one small step towards a healthier life. This could be going for a walk to check out a potential jogging route, popping into the gym for a class timetable, or getting a fitness test done. Sometimes, just getting out there and dispelling your initial fears can be just the push you need to get going. You might surprise yourself and enjoy it! At the very worst, you could come back knowing you are definitely not a gym person, but at least you would know your starting fitness level and that can be great motivation to start exercising, even if it is as far away from the free weights as you can possibly get!