A great motivation for personal fitness

Do you need a good reason to keep your appointment at the gym? Could you use a little motivational pick-me-up? Then look no further than your local sports store.

There really is nothing like new exercise kit to boost you when your motivation is flagging. Fresh new trainers, bright new tops and leggings that have yet to lose their colour and elasticity after multiple trips around the washing machine. A comfy new sports bra that makes you feel like you could jump over buildings without moving an inch!

Buying new kit is not only a great motivation for personal fitness, it can also help you refine the type of exerciser you now are.

If you started out in generic leggings, shorts or tracksuit bottoms, a plain T-shirt and supermarket trainers, buying branded kit from a specialist sports retailer who can advise you on the wide range of trainers depending on your favourite type of exercise or help you choose the perfect all-weather running outfit will make you feel like you’ve graduated!

If you bought great kit first time around, but now need to drop down a size or replace those trainers that have seen far too many muddy miles already, buying new kit will help you realise just how much you have achieved.

You might have tried a few types of exercise and hit on one that suits you down to the ground, so investing in specialised kit is a great step towards getting better at your chosen sport.

You don’t have to spend a lot – try TK Maxx and high-street sports shops for bargain clothing. However, footwear and safety accessories are not to be skimped on, so visit a reputable sports shop for advice.