A new app demonstrates the effects of alcohol

Not only is excessive drinking a health negative but it’s also ageing; red and wrinkled is the effect of too much alcohol.

And there’s a new “Drinking Mirror” app that’ll show you how you’ll look after ten years of excessive drinking. The results aren’t pretty. The app (which is free) also shows you how much better you will look if you drink a little less alcohol.

If you think that the app sounds like one of those pesky Government ploys to kill all of your fun… well, it was developed for the Scottish Government as part of its “Drop a Glass Size” campaign. But there is valid reason…

The BBC recently reported that official statistics say that one in every 30 deaths among women is alcohol-related, and that figures from the Scottish Health Survey showed that more than one in three regularly drink more than is good for their health.

Women are allowed 14 units a week, which is 2-3 units per day – and this translates into reality as follows:

  • Beer – 2.8 units
  • Cider – 1.5 units
  • Wine – 2.3 units
  • Alcopop – 1.4 units
  • Spirit – 1 unit

(…according to drink Smarter’s Unit Calculator).

It is also suggested that both men and women have two alcohol free days a week to give the body a break.

If you’re worried that you drink too much, downloading the “Drinking Mirror” app might be the wake-up call you need to help you live healthier. And if you aren’t a heavy drinker, check out the app anyway – it’ll merely confirm your lifestyle choice. CLICK HERE to download.