A new app to aid weight loss?

Christmas 2012 was a proper binge session – I don’t think that I have ever eaten so much. I started the season off with the intention to be moderate in my consumption of all things delicious… uh – things didn’t go as planned.

If your Christmas went as mine did, you’re probably looking for ways to ease out of the Christmas fat that has snuck its evil way on to your tummy and thighs. Detox, exercise and healthy eating are the obvious options. And perhaps a little help from a nifty new app to aid weight loss I found called Lose It!.

Lose It! will help you set goals for weight loss, exercise, macronutrient intake, blood pressure, sleep, and other stuff. The idea is that you set your goals and the app will help you achieve them.

Sound good? I say “yes!” So, how does the new app to aid weight loss work?

The app takes your profile and the goal weight you have set and puts together a personal daily budget especially for you. But this app is a smart one; it knows that losing weight is merely one facet of a larger wellness goal, which is why it offers goals around sleep, exercise, measurements, macronutrients blah di blah…

new app to aid weight loss

In other words, the app is a customised weight loss plan that stores all of your goals and achievements to make life easier I guess.

Here are some of the app’s coolest features:

– Comprehensive database of foods and activities.
– Easy to add new foods or exercises to the database.
– Setup recipes for more complicated foods.
– Easy to add to your log with ‘previous meals’, ‘my foods’, and other shortcuts.
– Track nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, and more.
– Log packaged foods quickly with our popular barcode scanner.
– Works with or without a network connection.
– Automatically keep a back-up of your data.
– Enables you to connect with friends for extra support and motivation.
– Share custom foods, exercises, and recipes with friends.
– Share your progress on Facebook or Twitter.
– Keep your data private or share with friends – you are in control.
– Generate reports on your activity and progress.

Reviews on the new app to aid weight loss are pretty mixed. Some rave about the success it has brought re weight loss but there are some negatives; one guy complained that the app spewed out a calculation of $40 a year to plan a meal…uh – I think not.

But try it out; the positives seem to outweigh the negatives. Download free from iTunes and visit the Lose It! website for more info.