A new book to help with stress

Life is stressful – there’s no denying it – even for the most zen of individuals. Whether it’s money, work children, in-laws, pets… we all have our own Achilles heel.

Most of us have developed coping mechanisms for dealing with stressful situations but it’s never bad to read about how others deal with the day-to-day chaos that is Life.

Australian researcher Dr Ramesh Manocha (an Australian GP and researcher based at the Sydney Medical School in Sydney University) has just released a new book to help with stress entitled “Silence Your Mind”, which (as the title suggests) claims that the most effective way to combat modern stress is not just to meditate or practice positive thinking, but to completely empty the mind of thoughts for at least 10 minutes a day.

Sound simple? – kinda like you could have come up with the idea?

Well, try it.

Try and empty your mind.

It’s almost impossible. Honestly! I can’t get past twenty seconds.

Which is why Dr Manocha has written the 320-page new book to help with stress.

“Silence Your Mind” is a science based guide that not only shows how in just 10 to 15 minutes a day you can make mediation part of your routine and improve your happiness, wellbeing and productivity but how to actually meditate – how to clear your mind.

And, with ‘the sceptic’ in mind, the book also details Dr Manocha’s research and findings.

CLICK HERE to purchase a copy of “Silence Your Mind”.

Do you meditate (on nothing?) – does it help with stress?