A Simple Guard Against Bag Theft

We’re often told about looking after our bags when we’re at a pub, or away on holiday (pickpockets abound in tourist locations!), but bag snatching is a day-to-day hazard.

A Simple Guard Against Bag Theft

According to national statistics, around a fifth of all women in the UK have experienced bag theft. That’s a huge proportion! This is a statistic which is especially worrying given that most handbags hold at least one item which could be used to steal the bag owner’s identity. Besides, even if your identity isn’t stolen, given what is generally in handbags – phones, wallets, cash, makeup, maybe even a tablet computer, a stolen bag can be incredibly costly.

Bag snatching can be especially common in supermarkets. After all, it’s so easy to put our handbag loose in the trolley to give our shoulder a bit of a rest. That does also mean that it’s all too easy for a passing opportunist to grab it and run. There’s a really simple way to guard against it though.

When you go shopping, pick a trolley with a child seat and belt, and then clip the seat belt around your bag.

It may not sound like much, but just seeing that you’ve taken a precaution of any kind is generally enough to put opportunists off. Besides, if it doesn’t, just picture how badly their snatch-and-run attempt is going to fail when they discover that they’re actually trying to drag your whole trolley of groceries with them!