Beauty Blogger of the month

Our first Beauty Blogger Of The Month title is awarded to Holly Hunt who is the founder of YM Beauty Blog.

Holly is a 24 year old make-up loving, shopaholic with a passion for writing and an addiction to social media sites. She graduated with a degree in Journalism and is a busy mum to a gorgeous four year old, Lily.

Yummy Mummy Beauty Blog is a dialogue about all things beauty. Holly writes honest reviews about products she’s tried and offers opinions on everyday make-up products.

Read our interview to find out more about one of the coolest beauty bloggers out there:

What inspired you to start a beauty blog?

For my Journalism course at University I did an Online Writing module and my blog was created for that at first, I’d always had an obsession with make-up so thought it made sense to merge my love of writing with my passion for beauty. I really got into blogging and loved being involved in the whole beauty community and just kept writing. YM is still here almost three years down the line, I can’t quite believe it’s been that long now I say it out loud, time flies!

What is your favourite beauty product (and why)?

It’s rare that I find products that stay my favourite over a long period of time as I try so many new things all of the time but when I think about the product that I have bought over and over again and I rely on daily it has to be Estee Lauders Double Wear Maximum Cover.

This has been a staple in my make-up bag for years now, it is the best product I’ve ever tried for concealing redness, blemishes, scars or dark circles. It is sold as a foundation but I have always used it as a concealer so the tube lasts forever!

As it was created for covering scarring and camouflaging tattoos it has amazing coverage but with none of the cakeiness other heavy concealers tend to have!

Who is your fashion icon (and why)?

If we are going to use the term ‘icon’ then it has to be Audrey Hepburn without a doubt, I have pictures of her all over my house, I may be just a little obsessed!

She has an elegance that few have without even trying; her style is timeless, chic and so classic without being boring.

What is your top beauty tip?

Blend, blend and blend some more! If you wear foundation to get the perfect finish from your base, apply with a brush then smooth into your skin with your fingers making sure you cover your ears and neck lightly. I then take a beauty blending sponge and bounce it over areas where foundation tends to sit on the skin (around the mouth, nose, between the eyebrows and chin) this really helps to make my foundation look as natural as possible.

How did you learn to put on make-up?

I’m completely self-taught, I learnt from making many, many mistakes and faux pas over the years! Now I learn through others on blogs and from watching YouTube videos, the beauty community is such a great way to get inspiration, tips and info on the best products available!

What item of clothing could you absolutely not live without?

Skinny jeans!! I live in jeans every day, a good pair of jeans can make you feel so much better about your body and they go with almost everything! I love a dark wash skinny which are very figure flattering, Gap Always Skinny’s are great as are Topshop Baxter jeans.

What is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?

Getting Lily to school!!

Do you think Facebook is overrated?

Personally I don’t use Facebook nearly as much as I use other social media tools. I go on Blogger, Twitter or YouTube much more but I think others still use it a lot for getting in touch with friends and updating people on their lives!

If you could pick any actress to play you in a film, who would you choose (and why)?

Blake Lively, she’s gorgeous, edgy and has great style, oh and she is the face of Chanel.

What music gets you up in the morning?

Anything upbeat, I am not much of a morning person at all so I need a good tune to wake me up! I always listen to Radio1 while doing my make-up.