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This week’s ‘Beauty Blogger post of the Week’ award goes to ‘Musicalhouses’ from Of faces and Fingers; the blog “All About Makeup And Nail Polish.”

If you’re looking for a gorgeous lipgloss to give you that extra little summer sun pick-me-up, be sure to read about BeautyUK’s latest offering.

BeautyUK Lip Lust in St Tropez: Summer Hotness for Lips!

Now that Summer is officially here, all of us are looking for quick, cheap, easily available Summer pick-me-ups – you know, that cheap and awesome bronzer, that great teal eyeliner, or – in the case of BeautyUK’s newer range of lipglosses, the Lip Lusts, the perfect bronzey, shimmery lip. I have to admit, bronze generally isn’t a colour I’d wear on my lips, but BeautyUK’s Lip Lust in St Tropez looked so hot, I was sorely tempted to give it a go!

The Lip Lusts come packaged in a small, slim squeeze tube with a black cap. Pretty normal, as far as lip glosses go. The applicator, though, is a fuzzy slant tube, which isn’t that common.

If I were brutally honest, I’d say I didn’t really like these types of applicators – fuzzy tips, brush applicators, etc – because they do tend to get all gunked up with product and clogged up after some usage, and they aren’t the most hygenic way of applying the product to your lips. Fortunately, if you’re a lipgloss-germaphobe like me, there’s a very neat way of getting around this issue. Simply twist off the fuzzy applicator cap, and use a lip brush! The applicator is simply screwed on by a cap, so you can just twist it off!

The St Tropez Lip Lust is packed full with shimmer, so for those girls who prefer shimmer-less glosses, you have been warned. There are small gold and silver glitter bits, which I think go very well with the bronzey, summery feel of the lipgloss – St Tropez is such an evocative colour name isn’t it?

Still, although it’s glitter-heavy, the glitter isn’t too overpowering, because some of the glitter is hidden in the pigmentation of the gloss. BeautyUK advertises the Lip Lusts as being very pigmented, and they are right. What I love about the colour of the gloss is that although it’s bronze-ish, it’s not totally unwearable – I’d call it red-bronze, so it doesn’t look like you’re applying metal foil to your lips. It still looks like the colour of actual lips, just with a bronzey, shimmery tinge.

Once applied, the Lip Lusts have this tingly, menthol-ish feeling on your lips, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences. Personally, I’d rather not have the tingling sensation, but as long as it doesn’t burn I’m indifferent. They’re also not too sticky, which is a plus point.

So if you’re looking for a cheap, summery gloss with oodles of shimmer, this is definitely worth checking out. With good pigmentation, good texture, and the very cheap price point of £2.99, you could get one of every colour.