Beauty tips from Dakota Fanning

Where’d that cute little blonde girl go? One minute she’s running around with Sean, Tom and Denzel and now she’s offering beauty advice!?

I feel scarily old right now.

Dakota Fanning, most recently in Twilight (yes, really) and The Runaways, is all grown up and lives by some pretty sensible beauty rules. Have a read of the beauty tips from Dakota Fanning:

1. You’re never too young to start a beauty regime. (Let’s not take the star too literally on this one.)

2. Applying sunscreen is a good habit to get into – DF uses NEUTOGENA ULTRA SHEER SUNSCREEN, £8.99.

3. DF’s top beauty tip is to take your make-up off before going to sleep – she reckons her good skin is down to DR LANCER products.

4. Whatever type of skincare routine you follow, you have to do it religiously morning and night, not just once in a while.

5. KERASTASE products keep DF’s hair looking healthy.

6. Marc Jacobs fragrances are DF’S favourite, especially Oh, Lola! (duh!).

7. DF collects CHANEL NAIL POLISHES and is mad about nail art.

8. Be yourself; let you make up reflect who you are and don’t try too hard.

If you feel weird taking instruction from a pretty seventeen-year-old who idolised Britney Spears as a young girl, you’re not the only one. That said; it’s great to read the perspective of a teen who seems so grounded in her approach to life and beauty.

Source: – “Dakota Fanning’s Beauty Rules”