Boys Prefer Brunettes and Girls Like ‘Dad Bods’!

Blondes have always been the pick of the bunch, haven’t they? Stereotype says they have more fun and Pamela Anderson perpetuated the ‘busty beauty’ angle but, according to a new survey by, brunettes are in, blondes are out!

Boys Prefer Brunettes and Girls Like ‘Dad Bods’!

Guys listed their ideal date as a gal with blue eyes, long (dark) brown hair, pierced ears and a strategically placed tattoo – Mila Kunis, in other words. And if said brunette is a doctor and stays trim and toned by swimming at the local pool…well, then she’s the perfect package.

Gals go for guys with blue eyes, short (dark) brown hair, a dad bod (seriously!) and a dog. All the better if he’s an executive. Jocks and long-haired, Keats-loving art students are a no-no these days.

The research is UK-based; other countries are sure to have a different set of body conscriptions. On that note, an online doctor’s surgery asked 18 designers to Photoshop an image of a woman in her underwear to reflect the ideal body in their country and Spain added some weight to the model and China made her thinner.

What’s your ideal date? – Funny, clever, kind…you know – actual personality traits!

Source: – “Boys prefer edgy brunettes to girls with blonde hair”