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A student app to help manage their money

One of the best ways to save money, ‘specially when you don’t have all that much, is to keep tabs on your spending. If excel spread sheets, mental arithmetic or good ol’ pen and paper don’t sound that appealing, what about an app? – Moneywise, personal finance magazine and online resource for managing finances, has […]


New smartphone app reduces ‘student stress’ and anxiety

As crazy-awesome as student life is, it’s also pretty stressful – exams, budgets, late nights… …’nuff said. Luckily we live in a super-duper techno-savvy age in which things like games on phones can help with emotional disturbances like stress and anxiety. According to an article published in the journal “Clinical Psychological Science”, playing a science-based app […]


New makeup app – Glamzy 2

If you’re a makeup lover, listen up! Glamzy 2 has hit the app scene and is a force to be reckoned with! This nifty little app allows you to make your own face chart. Pick a face shape, pick a style from options including subtle, casual or expressive, and then apply the makeup from a […]