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A new app demonstrates the effects of alcohol

Not only is excessive drinking a health negative but it’s also ageing; red and wrinkled is the effect of too much alcohol. And there’s a new “Drinking Mirror” app that’ll show you how you’ll look after ten years of excessive drinking. The results aren’t pretty. The app (which is free) also shows you how much […]


A new app to aid weight loss?

Christmas 2012 was a proper binge session – I don’t think that I have ever eaten so much. I started the season off with the intention to be moderate in my consumption of all things delicious… uh – things didn’t go as planned. If your Christmas went as mine did, you’re probably looking for ways […]


Useful mobile travel app

Organising a holiday is a massive job – from booking flights and hotel rooms to reserving dinner dates and rental cars. Never mind the logistics of mapping routes and planning itineraries. There always seem to be papers in abundance – containing all important reference numbers and confirmations. Keeping track is… challenging. Then add a couple […]