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New fitness craze – Bokwa in the UK

Bokwa is the latest fitness craze to hit the UK shore line. Inspired by South African dance and developed by Paul Mavi, a leading Los Angeles based Group Fitness Instructor, Bokwa is an intense cardiovascular workout combined with South African war dance, Capoeira, Kickboxing and Steps. ‘BO’ represents light boxing and ‘KWA’ a traditional South […]


Get fit with Zumba

It’s confession time: I hate gym. I really do. I have done my fair share of it and I never stick it out – it’s just too boring. Now I know that ‘beauty is pain’ and all that but why would I spend precious minutes of my day engaged with something I so severely dislike? […]


Best exercise songs

Without a doubt, music is a great exercise motivator! Whatever your keep-fit routine – running, walking, cycling, gyming – you’re bound to hit a slump at some point; what’ll keep you going is the voice of your favourite artist, the beat of a drum, the strum of a guitar, the lilt of your favourite tune. […]