Are Dating Apps Actually Keeping You From Dating Success?

While it’s true that more and more people are meeting online nowadays, we weren’t too surprised when we read that 95% of the 1,000 singles who were recently surveyed by SeatGeek said they would rather meet people in real life situations rather than online or through an app.

Online dating

This might be the ideal, but there’s no harm in hedging your bets and being a member of a dating site as well, just in case IRL doesn’t work out. Or is there? Could it be that these dating apps are actually stopping us from meeting the one (or at the very least, one we’d like to be in a relationship with).

One of the big problems with dating apps is that scrolling through faces on an app, or even instant messaging online, is in itself impersonal. “That’s how it is with dating apps – it’s created this impersonal element that’s supposed to be personal at the same time,” explained Dr. Emily Morse, a sex and relationship expert, when speaking to Bustle. “This way of communicating creates a ‘faux’ intimacy because we’re exchanging all of this information, yet we have no idea what this person is really about.”

And why is this such a problem? Surely that just means that you click with and go on to date the people you meet in real life instead? The only thing is…with all these online dates and apps to keep up with, we don’t have the time to go out and create a real bond with someone in real life. Maybe the answer to better dating then, is to stop dating. At least online. Less is more?