Eyebrow shaping tips

Whether you go for this season’s smoky eye make-up or a simple slick of 50s-style liner, autumn/winter ’10 is big on brows.

Supermodel Linda Evangelista once said that “no-one is born with the perfect eyebrow”.  She may have had the world’s best make-up artists to shape hers but with the right tools, you should be able to create your own statement brows.  (If you’re a particular fan of Linda’s, check out this tutorial on how to achieve her look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkLBlxSgsMI)

Brow grooming is not just about plucking excess hair, the important thing is to create a shape that flatters your face.  Done right, neat brows can open up your eyes, take years off you and lift your entire face.  Linda’s eyebrows are particularly strong, with an exaggerated sharp arch.  But even if you prefer a more Amazonian, Brooke Shields-in-the-’80s look, you’ll need to create some sort of shape.

Even if I don’t get round to putting on any make-up (which is too often these days) or blow-dry my hair (ditto), so long as my eyebrows have been recently shaped, I can face the other mums at the school gate.  But if I’m painfully aware that I haven’t groomed my brows for a few days and there’s the possibility of the odd stray hair, I feel more self-conscious than if I’d gone out without brushing my teeth.  I mean….yuk!

My brow-obsession has resulted in me pursuing a Holy Grail-style quest for the ultimate pair of tweezers.  I’ve tried slanted, pointed, curved; gold-tipped, stainless steel, hand-finished.  Suffice it to say, some are better than others. What I’ve discovered is that you can spend silly money on this incredibly commonplace tool, without necessarily getting what you’re looking for.  Namely: an easy-to-use pair of tweezers that swiftly and easily (ergo painlessly) plucks errant hairs away.

So I was rather heartened to come across this chi-chi set from La-Tweez, for only £15.

Packaged in a dinky mini-handbag gift box, it combines high fashion with functionality.  The lipstick-style carry-case (available in hot pink, black and white) features a built-in magnifying mirror, to pluck on the move should emergency strike.  The funky tweezers themselves are not only well made (stainless steel lattice-work, slant-tipped, in case you were wondering) but are accessorised with a bright LED light, operated by a central, diamante push-button.  Presumably this allows even greater precision through enhanced visibility – or perhaps they’re appealing to the clubbing market who might need to check on their brows at 3am.

Whatever.  La Tweez are sharp, precise and pretty.  I love them.  However, as I’m a 3-tweezer girl (one at home, one in my handbag and one in the car), a single pair simply isn’t enough.  The black and white models are next on my wish list.