Fashion friendly bicycle helmet for stylish riders

I’m not a cyclist but I am the friend of cyclists a-plenty. And the story goes like this…

One of my ultimate-fashionista-London-cycling-heel-wearing-while-peddling compadres (yes, I do have a few) refused to wear a bicycle helmet, despite my pleas, until one day she was knocked off her bicycle by a car and the only reason her skull remained intact was because her head so happened to land on her backpack, which softened a blow that could have been quite severe.

She learnt a lesson and donned a helmet…

If you get it –the plight of the cycling fashionista – you’ll definitely be interested in a new invention by Swedish company Hövding:  a revolutionary fashion friendly bicycle helmet (a new innovation) designed for the modern cyclist.

Hövding is worn as a collar around your neck, and the collar contains an airbag that will inflate and protect the head in the event of an accident. Looking at the fashion pics advertising the helmet, I literally could not tell that the scarf-type-thing around the models’ necks was actually not part of the fashion ensemble worn by the ladies and gents in the pictures. Which is the point, I imagine.

So how does it work?

Hövding contains sensors that are constantly monitoring the cyclist’s movements when it is switched on. The sensors detect any changes in velocity or angle of the cyclist and can distinguish between normal cycling and accidents. In an accident, Hövding detects the abnormal movement pattern and triggers the airbag. The inflation takes a tenth of a second (0.1 seconds) and the airbag is fully inflated before head impact. It surrounds the head and neck (looking more like a motorcycle helmet than a bicycle helmet) for maximum protection.

The Hövding helmet is CE certified (it complies with the requirements for a cycle helmet laid down in the EU Directive on Personal Protective Equipment) and has been tested against 13 of the most common bicycle helmets and reportedly provides more than three times better shock absorption than any other helmet.

So it sounds safe.

And the fashion friendly bicycle helmet looks pretty cool too – cool in the sense that it doesn’t inflict any fashion-savvy outfit with ugliness.

Ladies, I suspect that with the Hövding helmet you’ll be able to cycle in style.

For more information visit – also note that the helmets are delivered free across Europe (bonus!) and come in a variety of colours. But be prepared – it’s not cheap!