Fashion tips for curvy girls

If you’re a curvy lass and are looking for some killer fashion that oozes attitude, “SLiNK” is a magazine worth checking out.

It’s all about plus-sized women – the editor, Rivkie Baum, is a size 16-18 26-year-old – who are into looking fabulous and offer some great fashion tips for curvy girls.

The site features the usual categories – fashion, beauty, lifestyle (food, travel and cars), competitions, videos, press, news, magazine, model watch – and includes fashion shoots, shopping tips, advice on how to dress (e.g. how to wear plus-sized dresses), catwalk news an d the latest trends, celebrity style and how to adapt the look, ‘model watch’ and loads of cool, quirky ‘response’ pieces.

Fashion tips for curvy girls
The mag pushes the boundaries of what ‘plus size’ modelling and fashion should be about. Women come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important that society expand its definition if what beauty is – magazines like “SLiNK” will hopefully help with a little thought adjustment.

As the mum of two girls I’d be more than happy to see curvier models in the media.

Although my girls are yet young and not too attentive to the advertising that consumes their vision at every turn, I worry that their subconscious mind is being infiltrated by skinny, blonde women.

It’s not the ‘skinny and blonde’ that’s the problem, it’s the fact that there is very little shape and variety in the models used in advertising. I hope it’ll change.

In the meantime, for fashion tips for curvy girls and much more, check out “SLiNK”! It’s fierce.