Fifteen tips on how to stay fit and trim this summer

Exams are almost over and summer holidays are around the corner, which means it’s time to get those bikini bods fit and trim for the beach.

Fifteen tips on how to stay fit and trim this summer

No more late night study binges because – that’s right, it’s party time!

To help you on your way, here are British Military Fitness trainer Mark Wood’s 15 tips on how we can shape up – and, most importantly; they don’t cost anything…

  1. Master the basics – squat, lunge, press up, sit-up, pull-up, dips (you can do ‘em at home).
  2. Train with intensity
  3. Use your own body weight
  4. Eat breakfast
  5. Ensure adequate hydration
  6. Don’t neglect cardio
  7. Get outside – fresh air is a lot better than soggy gym air
  8. Carbs are not the devil – they’re important for energy production, recovery, muscle growth and fat loss. Avoid sugary carbs.
  9. Have a variety (of exercises)
  10. Train with others
  11. Train three to four times a week
  12. 90/10 rule – eat to your goals 90 per cent of the time, cheat 10 per cent of the time
  13. Don’t beat yourself up
  14. Avoid low calorie diets
  15. Get some rest

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