First Date Questions That Delve Deeper

There are plenty of things you could talk about on a first date. What kind of music you like, what the ultimate pizza topping is… But there are a few questions that you can ask on a first date which will help you start to build a real connection, or work out if you aren’t a good match after all, much quicker.

First date

Ask them how they get on with their parents. 

“What’s your family like?” is another way of wording it, and though it might sound like quite a deep question for a first date, it’ll tell you so much about your date’s background, and how family-orientated they are in general.

Find out what their friends think of them.

“If your friends were going to fill out your online dating profile, what do you think they’d say?” Questions like this give your date the freedom to tell you a bit more about themselves and what kind of person they are without feeling as if they’re bragging (or not as the case may be). It’ll also tell you about what kind of friends they have, people who, if you’re going to be together, you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time with.

Ask them if they’re looking for something serious or not.

“What kind of relationship are you looking for?” It may sound quite direct, and even a bit taboo, but ultimately it’s better if you both know exactly what the other person wants from the beginning. Assuming that you both want a long-term relationship, if one of you only wants a fling, is only going to cause heartbreak later on.

Find out what kind of superhero they’d be.

“If you could have any one superpower, what would it be and why?” Ok, so not the most serious of questions, but it’s a question that’ll tell you a lot about the other person. Do they take the time to consider their answer? Or just brush it (and you) off as silly? Do they choose something that will help other people or something more selfish?

Don’t be afraid to ask more in-depth questions on a first date. Just be ready to get the same questions back!