Five Fashion tips for 2011

Although the Autumn/Winter fashion season is still running its course, the New Year has brought with it some new trends. Here are five styles to watch out for:

I can finally say that my gunmetal grey metallic Dr Martins are finally in fashion. I plan to wear as many kitsch Metallic Colours as I can – while the trend lasts (and friends who know me well will tell you that I will wear gaudy metallic colours even when the trend ends).

Anyway, metallic colours are IN – ask Katy Perry and Ashley Greene.

If you care about what the Olsen twins are wearing, then Sheer Maxi Dresses are going to be big. Maxi dresses are popular with women of all shapes and sizes and a new twist to the potentially frumpy maxi is a flesh revealing, sheer maxi, complimented with some grunge boots or killer heels.

I had no idea what Tail Hems were until today – apparently they are the new thing. Tail Hems are a design of dress, skirt and top, which has been cut longer at the back (thus shorter at the front). Topshop, the store guru of with-it trends, has already included tail hem items firmly within their Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook.

Topshop says that Tassels are back – they’re longer, oversized and brightly coloured, and aren’t just for clothing, but they’re perfect for shoes, bags and purses, and even belts and hats.

The 70s is also making a comeback this year – denim skirts, capes, jackets, flares and bellbottom trousers are all the name of this year’s game.

With Easter eggs already populating chocolate aisles in stores 4 months before Easter, it is probably a good idea to keep eyes peeled for 2011’s Spring/Summer trends. The early bird catches the worm.