Five fitness tips for everyday life

Do you start everyday with good intentions to fit in a work out? Or maybe you go to bed vowing that you’ll do it tomorrow, even though you failed miserably today (and yesterday…)?

Do you wish there was just a few more hours in the day that you could set aside for exercise, giving you the chance to get super fit and feel better about your health and your body?

The bad news is those elusive extra hours are unlikely to materialize. The good news: you can still sneak exercise into your day without feeling like you have to take another priority off your list.

Here are five fitness tips for everyday life:

1) Wear a sports bra and trainers all day: that way, you can do a few burpees or jog on the spot for 10 minutes, whenever that 10 minutes should become available.

2) Keep your bicycle handy: a bicycle is an easy way to get some cardiovascular exercise without needing to change your clothes or shoes (within reason!). So don’t let it fester at the back of the shed; make sure it is accessible so you can grab it and go for a short ride if the opportunity arises, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in your jeans and boots – as long as you can move and your feet grip the pedals, you are all set! Just remember your safety gear – helmet and high-visibility outer-wear are essential.

3) Walk everywhere you can: or just walk around the block at lunchtime. Even if you only go for 10 minutes a day, make it count and stride out to give your legs, bum and heart a short and sweet workout.

4) Play with the kids: 10 minutes giving them piggy-backs and swinging them around the living room is as good as 10 minutes in the gym, and as they grow, so will your muscles!

5) Put your back into it: make household chores work for you. Work at speed and concentrate on engaging your muscles every time you lift, stretch and bend. A workout to rival any celebrity DVD!