Free Apps To Help Alleviate Your Anxiety

Life is stressful. There’s no getting around it. However, if you, like many of us, suffer from anxiety, then these free apps might just help make life a little more manageable…

Thinking positive

What’s Up

This app is great for helping you develop long-term coping strategies, helping you understand your condition, and keeping track of your progress.

It has a “Help Right Now” section with distraction games and breathing techniques in it, an “Information” section that gives you background on your condition, and a “Personal” section which lets you track good and bad days and identify your anxiety triggers.


This app may look like a simple dot-to-dot style game, which essentially it is, but when you’re in the grip of an overwhelming anxiety/panic attack, distraction is just what you need. Dots is great as it’s simple to understand, doesn’t need lots of thought to be played, but at the same time needs your full attention.


As the name might suggest this is a sleep aid app. If you’re someone who finds that anxiety stops you from sleeping, then this app might be for you. Pzizz lets you customise relaxing soundscapes which are designed to help you drift off into, and stay, asleep. If negative thoughts keep swirling despite the soundscape, then there’s also a voiceover option which will help to distract you until you reach sleep.