Fun hairstyle app – Hairstyle makeover

I go through these manic stages in my life where I feel the desperate need to chop my hair. I love having long hair but I love a sassy bob too, so I tend to  cut my hair when I get bored and then totally regret it after – not because it doesn’t look great but because I then I lust after the hair of every long-haired lady who crosses my vision.

It’s a weird cycle.

Hairstyle Makeover is a fun app that just might be the solution to my hair issues. If I can plant different hairstyles on my head, then maybe I’ll be able to see that I really do love my hair just the way it is?

The app aims to satiate curiosity with a function allowing you to virtually try on a new style and see if you really would look better. It works by adding a new hairstyle to any photo from your photo album, or to a photo you’ve taken using the app’s built in camera function.

App functions include:

  • Drag, drop and adjust – place the style anywhere on the photo; adjust the size, rotation and placement.
  • Haircut/Eraser – you can cut out parts of each style to make them fit the photo better or just see what a style would look like slightly shorter.
  • Colour – adjust the colour of each style, and also tint the hair with a palette of rainbow colours.
  • Brightness, Contrast and Opacity Tools Support full rotation; work in Landscape or Portrait mode.
  • Add one style per photo or add multiple styles.
  • Sample models – add a style to a model.
  • Save your new style to your photo album.
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter and Email.

The hairstyles featured on the app are real styles, cut out from real photos of celebrities and models featured over the last couple of years. Although the app is free, users say that there aren’t many styles available on this version – to make full use of the app, download a bunch of styles for $1.99 to take full advantage of the app.

And let’s be honest here; how much fun is it to try different hair on yourself and your friends!? Seriously fun! Especially when you can post it on social media.

CLICK HERE to download Hairstyle Makeover.