Genius new online shopping app!

I’ve long been an advocate of doing the weekly grocery shop online.

Since having a family, not only have the lists got longer and the bags got heavier, but newborn babies and screaming toddlers (or both at once) are the best excuses for staying as far away from the supermarket as possible.

Plus, I figure it makes more environmental sense for the lorry to drop my shopping off on its rounds than for me to make a special trip to and from the supermarket just for one household, and I get away without using any bags at all because the nice delivery people bring it straight to the kitchen.

So all in all, I’m an online shopping fan.

In an ideal world, though, I’d prefer not have to do the shopping at all. I’d rather have an automated stock-checking system that updates my shopping basket when something gets used up, without me even having to think about it.

Or a tiny shopping fairy in my kitchen that sends a tinkling sparkly signal to my e-basket each time an empty box gets put in the recycling.

So imagine my surprise last week when I logged on to to find that the shopping fairy actually does exist, and had already done half of my shopping for me!

Ok, not an actual fairy, but my gadget-fiend husband, who had downloaded the Tesco Groceries App and had been secretly scanning the barcodes of everything we ran out with his mobile phone! Genius.

The app, that is….Well, and my husband for using it.