Goodbye to Visible Black Bags

A few too many late nights? Big dark shadows under your eyes? Here’s how to cover those dark circles.

Young woman applied concealer on her eye circles

  • Use a light moisturiser to hydrate the skin around your eyes. Don’t use anything too heavy as this may cause puffiness.
  • Choose a light-reflecting or brightening concealer, and pick one that’s a shade or two lighter than you’d use on the rest of your face. You want to brighten the area, but not make it look like you’re a reverse panda.
  • Pat your concealer on, don’t rub it. If you rub it or wipe it on you’ll be removing what you’ve just applied. Use your little finger or a soft brush. Blur the edges once applied.
  • Apply a subtle highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones to help reflect light away from the under-eye area.

It may not get rid of your black bags, only sleep will help with that, but it’ll cover up the evidence!