Guess how much your handbag is worth?

How much is your handbag worth? – And not just your bag itself but all that you haul around inside of it (makeup, sunglasses, specs, jewellery, purse, mobile, iPad etc.)?

Now you know why it would be a tragedy if you lost your handbag:

Research shows that over two-thirds (69 per cent) of young people carry between £500 and £2K worth of goods in their bags every day – and it’s all down to technology, iPads and snazzy phones in particular).

And get this; these high value products aren’t light either; seventy five per cent of young people admit to regularly carrying bags that weigh up to 4kg – that’s the equivalent of a BMX bike!

Now don’t think that because you’re a ‘poor university student’ you can exclude yourself from the equation. Remember that iPad that mum and dad bought you as a ‘well done, you’re going to uni’ gift, and the new iPhone you got for Christmas? – Yes, those!

Not only do the contents of our handbags weigh our person down but they are also heavy on our psyche; the stress of carrying around such valuable goods is a hefty weight to manage on a day to day basis.

Research says that over half of us are constantly worried about damaging our precious cargo as we carry it around town, and 43 per cent of us are worried that we damage or smash our techno-gear while travelling – with 10 per cent of iPad 2 owners reported accidental damage within twelve months of purchase, no wonder we are worried! Or is ten per cent minimal?