Handbag essential: FLO

Perfume is the finishing touch to any outfit – whether you’re heading off to work for the day or dressing up for an evening out.  It can be uplifting, soothing, seductive,  glamourous.  Above all, like our signature, it is entirely individual.

Frustratingly though, this elusive substance doesn’t linger on our skin for long.  Yet you can hardly carry a cumbersome perfume bottle around with you to freshen up.

Thankfully, I have the answer for you.  A handbag essential in the shape of a dinky glass atomizer called FLO (£10 from www.victoriahealth.com).

A slick lipstick-style case (in black, silver or pink) pops open to reveal the spray pump of a 4.7ml glass vial.  You can then either unscrew the sprtizer to pour your favourite fragrance in or screw the bottom cap off to reveal a flexible rubber funnel that attaches to any perfume bottle.

I must admit, I got in a bit of a pickle trying to fill it up but it turns out I was over-complicating things, as usual.  In fact, it’s laughably simple.  You literally just squirt your perfume bottle into the funnel, letting the soft silicone encase the spray and, ta da, FLO is ready to GO!

The clean-freak in me likes the fact that, because both ends of the bottle come apart, you can wash it easily between refills.  And it’s perfect for travelling since it’s well below the 100ml for allowance of carry-on liquids.

To see it in graphic action, check out the YouTube vid:


I’m especially glad to have found such a bijou device after downsizing to an impractical but gorgeous little clutch, with a scant two pockets.  It barely fits my keys, purse and phone in.  But happily, there’s just enough space for one other essential.  So at least I’ll always be freshly fragrant when I’m out and about.