Help for teen skin

As the largest manufacturer of natural healthcare products in the UK, Nelsons has built up a worthy reputation for itself in the alternative health market.  Most famous perhaps for its homeopathic remedies such as Arnica (available from Boots and Holland and Barrett) and Bach Flower Remedies, including the handbag essential Rescue Remedy, Nelson’s has brought its expertise in effective natural ingredients to teenage skincare.

The ‘Pure & Clear’ range is well-named, with high doses of natural plant extracts and free from artificial colourings, fragrances and chemical skin irritants such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, PEG’s, lanolin and silicones.  It extols a 3-point skincare regime of cleansing, moisturising and treatment.  Start with the Purifying Daily Facial Wipes (£5.30), which are a super-handy way to cleanse skin (I take mine with me when I’m travelling for easy make-up removal) or Purifying Daily Wash (£7) if you prefer to cleanse with water.  Hydrate your skin without blocking pores with their Balancing Moisturiser (£8) and finally, use the Blemish Gel (£8) on any problem areas.

The four natural plant ingredients that star in the skincare are Tea Tree, Arnica, Calendula and Hypericum.  Each a powerful healer in its own right:-

–       Tea Tree is a highly effective natural antiseptic with antibacterial properties, which helps clean the skin and fend off infection.

–       Arnica has been traditionally used to soothe skin following a bump or knock.  It helps ease the eruption and tenderness of problem skin.

–       A brilliant antiseptic, Calendula deeply purifies the skin, helping return the skin to good condition.  It is known to soothe damaged skin and act as a bactericide and antioxidant.

–       With excellent calming properties, Hypericum also acts to soothe troublesome skin.  It  helps skin to repair itself following blemishes and restore skin to its natural condition.

There is also an oral option of homeopathic Sulphur available, for internal treatment of blemishes and other skin complaints including acne and eczema.  So you can treat your body inside and out.

With their tried and tested properties, these natural healers make the Pure & Clear range a perfect choice for blemish-prone teenage skin, as well as suiting anyone with sensitive skin or suffering breakouts from hormone imbalances (such as during pregnancy).