How to Keep Movement-Motivated in Cold Weather

Exercising is a wonderful way to boost your mood. When we exercise we release endorphins which gives us an instant positive feeling. The thing is…leaving the house to go for a run, or even just having to venture outside to get to the gym when it’s cold and wet outside, just isn’t tempting. So what can you do to keep yourself exercise motivated in cold weather?

Women laughing in winter clothing

One surprisingly effective thing you can do is to sign yourself up to a challenge. It’s much easier to get some motivation and get some structure for your exercise routine when you have an end goal in sight. Try signing up for a 5K run, or putting your name down for Tough Mudder, or even just doing a sponsored cycle or swim.

Another great motivator is other people. Find yourself a gym buddy and make exercising a social experience, or join a class and get to know the other people there. You’re far less likely to decide not to go to the gym if you’ll be meeting your friend there.

On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of the gym, and would normally opt to go for a long cycle, or a half-hour run around your local area, then the most likely thing that will put you off is the cold and wet weather. If taking your exercise inside isn’t something you want to do, then investing in the right kit should help take the edge off. Get yourself some good base layers, a hi-vis waterproof jacket, and a hat and gloves.

Having said all that, there’s no need why exercise has to involve leaving the house at all. Have a look online and find a free online tutorial, video, or podcast series which suits you. Zumba at home is a good option for a winter workout, as is yoga or Pilates. Why not invite a few friends around and make it an event – all the fun of a class at the gym, and a fraction of the cost!